Mukhulhwane’s capitalism country of mousetrap and confusion for minister


(You’ll never get to the top and remain prosperous without good foundations)


Written by Butsu Makanda

Translated by Francisco Chuquela


Democracy goes well with capitalism from side to side. And that of capitalism is a bit complicated. But simple is to understand that capitalism is a way to make and earn money. Maybe it was the same with money if that word was in Maria Relvas who wrote the dictionary of Portugal. Even when you do not earn any money you can be in capitalism. What really counts is always looking to make money. Stealing, taking and striking is not worth, but they are also capitalism. In this way of living capitalism or money there are people (not many) who own the way, because they have the things that make that money and get very rich. These things have the name of property of means of production. Those much more who do not have these means of property, produce money for those who have these means, and much of the money goes to the owner and the little money goes to those many who do not own. It seems that there is no way to live without capitalism. There was a different thing called socialism, which is not capitalism. In this way of living socialism, the ways of making money, or means of production, belong to all people. And when you make that money, it’s for everyone. But this way got nowhere. Even Mozambique experienced a little bit but gave up after being hated by those of capitalism and getting more and more with nothing. The difference between the two ways seems great even. There is a person someone (I do not know if he was that Jamaican braid singer, or he was Mr. Dalai Lama) who said or thought that men (women too) are to love and things to use. It’s like they’re talking about socialism. In capitalism it is not so, because they love more things of money and people are more used to making money. In capitalism, one who gets a lot of money has a big house that he really loves. So he uses guard people to guard the house against thief people, and uses employed people to keep the house clean and beautiful. In socialism, as the way of making money belongs to everyone, the house would belong to guards who would not be guards, to rich who would not be rich and to employees who would not be employed. That does not seem like it, and Mukhulhwani person or country hates it. So far as I am writing this, I am thinking that some will read this and think soon that I am of socialism and start looking at me in a way not to like. Mukhulhwani sometimes likes democracy, sometimes annoys those who do not have democracy, but sometimes forgives those who do not have democracy if they play well under the eye of Mukhulhwani. But capitalism must always have democracy or without it. Better if the two walk together. Saddam Hussein and Kadhafi had neither democracy nor capitalism. Mukhulhwani did not like anything at all. Even here in Mozambique, when President was Samora Machel, he had neither one nor other. Mukhulhwani did not like it either. But Saudi Arabia has no democracy, but it has capitalism. That may be a little bit like that. But if that capitalism rises too much in the head to think that it can be Mukhulhwani also, it can irritate the Mukhulhwani already seated in the chain of Mukhulhwanisse long ago. In these times even now there is a small country called Qatar with scabies to scratch. Qatar’s neighbors want nothing more to do with it because it is giving money to the lords who are terrorists who destroy planes with bombs made in the kitchen, cut necks for nothing, knock down people with lorries, stab at people with no more, and even complicated wars they are doing. But Qatar says it’s a lie. Even if it’s not a lie, the television, radio and newspapers have always said that those who give money to those terrorists are not just Qatar. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates are also spoken that give money to those terrorists. It has long been said that Bin Laden, a large terrorist who has died was from Saudi Arabia, and his money for terrorism was from his land. Another big terrorist named Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri who worked on the kill with Bin came from Egypt. Many others who are not from Qatar. So if Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kweti and others like that have no democracy, but have capitalism and give money to terrorists, why will Qatar scratch scabies alone? Another confusion to understand well the very large Mukhulhwanis. It may be because since Qatar started making money with those holes where is gas, mixes capitalism with socialism. There are the largest salaries in the world and they do not neither pay taxes. It seems the Qatarians have reform even without deducting wages. It seems health in the good hospital is not pay for or if it ispayed is for very little money. They even say that light and water have a part that is not paid. Thus Qatar is in danger of making many capitalists very fast. This is not good capitalism. Socialism is also not authorized by Mukhulhwanis. Then Qatar works a little in slip from the very large Mukhulhwanis. There is a political and religious group from Egypt called the Muslim Brotherhood. The big Mukhulhwanis say that this group since 2015 is of terrorists. Qatar says does not work with the group. Qatar does business with a Country called Iran, which is not liked by many Mukhulhwanis and Mukhulhwanis suitors. Those of the Muslim brotherhood and Iran together work well with another group called Hamas that fights against Israel because of Palestine. Big Mukhulhwanis have already decided that Hamas is a terrorist as well. Qatar is also guilty because of this group. It seems that Qatar wants to be Mukhulhwani too. But perhaps there is no order for him to be Mukhulhwani. If Qatar thinks that has a vocation for Mukhulhwani it is better to forget before irritating much the great Mukhulhwanis.


But there is another problem of Mukhulhwanisse that gives stomachache. As capitalism is oiled because there are some who have a lot and others who have nothing, or have little, the country that is very rich and powerful, there are many rich and powerful people as well. Rich country and rich people come together in politics and in Mukhulhwanisse. Poor country has many poor people and do not own anything. As is well known, if the poor country discovers something of value that can make it rich and powerful, the rich country Mukhulhwani makes it difficult, because it has already been accepted, I do not know where that has to be the owner. That is why he goes to the poor country to seek what is “naturally” of him. And it comes in many ways. Either he is summoned as an investor, or the poor country Government owns this valuable thing makes a contest to choose who Mukhulhwani will be and who owns this thing. As poor fathers do not have rich people who have been making money for a long time, they are not in a position to compete. They only compete and win from the outside. Those here may or may not be straightened out. So the people here cannot get rich and capitalist? If not, how to make democracy without capitalists? It seems that small and poor country can stay with democracy, but the capital is for Mukhulhwani from out of here. This small country democracy will be thigh without the other leg. It will not work right. It looks like future capitalists here have to forget about oil, gas, coal, diamonds and other valuable things. Perhaps they can concentrate on the cassava that until now is not of much interest of the Mukhulhwanis from outside. But even here in cassava may have a stronger fence than that wire that has peaks. If future capitalist of cassava needs help of money that government does not have, but the bank has, can suffer. The Bank belongs also to Mukhulhwani from the outside and when it does is not it works with the laws from outside even. When you go there on the bank, tie up the debt to grow cassava or corn, or even fish, the Bank will find a way to get you to pay the debt before planting cassava or fishing. Dream of manioc, corn and fish all dies on the beach. Even when you only want to try business and slowly start capitalism without bank tie-up, it will go awry. Mukhulhwani from outside does not like booths. He sends scholars called consultants who are going to write to the small country Government that booth business has no office. His order is the same for everyone. It’s called informal and informal. It does not help anything a thing called Gross Domestic Product, dirty city, brings disease, sells food that can kill people, does not pay tax, is unfair competition, what, what more what. The Government will be choking without knowing whether or not it closes tents, or what. If he stalls bother Mukhulhwani himself, he does a building project in that same place, stays with the land and stalls will resettle where no client. But even so, there are a few who have already gotten away in the shacks and are even at the door of capitalism, perhaps because they had a Mukhulhwani in the Government who helped them. Or pull all this back and seek good work with the investor Mukhulhwani to begin the path of capitalism. But it also does not work well because Mozambicans who have studied in order to gain a good job of Mukhulhwani are very few and they have not even studied what the Mukhulhwani wants. And Mozambicans who have not studied do not know how to do the work that Mukhulhwani wants. And the Mukhulhwani will bring his workers who earn well there from his powerful land. For what? To create more strong Mukhulhwani from his country. It seems that Mukhulhwani’s interest is not to help those in the poor country to become powerful like him. Even if he swears by God that he came to help Mozambicans to become capitalists too, it does not seem to be true. How can he help us to be like him? He rightly thinks he cannot create someone who can stand with the same strength as him one day. This is dangerous for him. It seems that he heard when Samora said you must kill alligator when it is yet small. But he is a big alligator allready. And he wants to be great alone with the friends he likes.


These things are not to forget that the world has owners who are great and are Mukhulhwanis. And these owners want lots of complicated and confusing things for the little ones. One day they shake the little boy’s hand and another day they bite hard. And sometimes you do not understand why. Either democracy failed or not. Either human rights failed or not. Either capitalism failed or not. It varies a lot. And all these confusions of Mukhulhwani with democracy or not democracy, human or inhuman rights, capitalism without money, investor of there and another of here, etc. They are in the head of the Minister here. For him to send and do things and put it all together to see if he thinks right. But it’s very complicated to think straight about things that are not right in the head. When you have to sign a subject, you have to think long and hard about whether or not Mukhulhwani from here likes it. Whether Mukhulhwani from there will dislike it or not. Whether it will provoke things like those of Qatar or not. The Minister has thought helpers who called advisors. He questions one who responds one thing. He questions another who responds some different thing else. You can even ask another person from outside who calls himself partner and he will say a third thing. The problem is that this partner is often not partner of poor country and messy. He is a partner or employee of Mukhulhwani. So he thinks things of Mukhulhwani. So, poor minister does not sign that thing. Maybe when signs he does not have to. Neither Qatar, nor small country, nor Minister can dream big in any way. As the people say “You will never get to the top and remain prosperous without good foundations”

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