Written by Luís Nhachote
Translated by Francisco Chuquela

The Association for the Development from People to People (ADPP) may happen to be in misery because of a scandal in which its mentor is allegedly involved, and he is on the run somewhere in Mexico and has the International Police in his wake.
Mogens Amdi Petersen, is on the list of people wanted by the International Police (Interpol) accused of tax evasion. The Association, which has been established in Mozambique since 1982 and is dedicated to charity, may have its funding sources cut due to the scandal that has already reached its congener in Malawi, the Primeira Mao noticed from sources based in United Kingdom.

An NGO known by good deeds…

Of Danish origin, ADPP is an NGO that has become a key player in the second-hand clothing trade, commonly referred to as “xicalamidades” and is involved in teacher training in Mozambique.

A report broadcasted some days ago by BBC says that ADPP is part of a group “under the control of a cult-like organization,” and that the group leader wanted by Interpol may be hiding in a luxury coastal complex in Mexico.

On June 30, Unicef suspended its funding for acquiring ADPP in Malawi. However, it appears from the Interpol filings that the group was able to raise substantial funds from agencies in the United States, United Kingdom and United Nations.
By way of illustration, last year the US Department of Agriculture gave $ 31.6 million for the work in Mozambique to another member of the group, Planet Aid.

In the website of the organization in Mozambique one can read: “ADPP Mozambique is a co-founder and member of the Federation for Associations linked to the International Human Movement from People to People”, which includes Planet Aid, which also operates in Mozambique.

The research of BBC claims that the network is controlled by “a cult-like organization” where doctrine is given to the teachers that are trained there.

The main part of the research was about ADPP Malawi, which has inks to ADPP Mozambique. Several allegations indicate that in Malawi, several officials are pressured to join the Teachers’ Group and donate 25% of the salary to it; and also that some projects were not carried out and the money was diverted; that significant amounts of money have been withdrawn from Africa, whether in cash or payments to related companies, with millions of dollars earmarked to build a luxury headquarters in Mexico; And the accounts were not provided and the companies connected to the group presented duplicated and inflated invoices.

According to sources from the DFID Department for International Development (DFID), this development aid arm is concerned about the funds they have donated and that until clarification can be cut in Mozambique.

Investment in higher education

Through ISET/OWU – Education and Technology/One World University was created by ADPP – Mozambique, and is one of the first Institutions accredited by INED (National Institute of Distance Education) on July 17, 2012, to teach courses with the objectives of: expanding the capacity of teacher training and improving the level of training among primary, secondary, technical and other teachers.

What does ADPP in Mozambique say?

The Primeira Mão contacted the ADDP in Mozambique, and the person who answered us – Ana Jonhson – said not to be the right person to talk about this matter: “again this matter?” she exclaimed, having sent us to the communication office to Mrs. Neide’s person who was peremptory in her reply: “we don’t have this information.” However, ADPP promised to reestablish the contact with this portal, in order to explain itself, according to the right to the adversary law.

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