Translated by Francisco Chuquela

“I never wanted to work for the State, it was a personal choice, because I never thought I would have a professional career of rigor, discipline, really a professional career.

I have always found that the State is a place where there are many favors, there are many intrigues and there are many things that aren’t objective. There is a lot of subjectivity, it depends on who knows, where he came from, many things too complicated and bad to have the promotion.

The State is very abstract, to be true and I found the Private Sector very concrete, very professional, we can make a professional career without having to please someone, only with exempt exempt and done with discipline and accuracy and delivery of results always on time.

That’s why I never even risked going to work for the State, I never liked it, I never took the risk and I never wanted to.”

We have recourse to this quote to the renowned Mozambican economist, Luís Magaço, to try to understand the motivations that would have dictated the early abandonment of Armando Inroga from the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of our Public TV, the Television of Mozambique.

Contrary to what one might think, it was a matter of abandonment, since the Government only released him after numerous letters which he addressed asking to leave the post, in a very happy decision, in view of the bad environment that surrounded him. Therefore, the initiative of Armando Inroga to cease to be PCA of TVM wasn’t from the Government.

When he arrived at TVM, Armando Inroga wanted to work as the science dictates and soon it hurt sensitivities, some very important, that don’t like this thing of public tenders for independent auditing the accounts of an institution where they have interests, much less of any process that aims to return the processes of operation to the rails.

It is that in most cases this can lead to outcomes that may even make the past of this institution desirable for our ever-attentive Office of Prevention and Fighting Against Corruption.

Armando Inroga went to TVM when he was never loved by certain circles, who saw the appointment of the young manager as a great threat to lawsuits on which is intended to sit upon forever. These circles knew what it could cost them to appoint a manager who in life only learned to deal with problems and find solutions.

Often the solution has a similar pain to the extraction of Matequenha or even worse than that, and it doesn’t seem that our public is exempt of it.

But the triumphal struggle against Armando Inroga in TVM, including from abroad, of the institution, may represent only the postponement of a bomb explosion that will not be avoided for an eternity.

Armando Inroga, meanwhile, draws sympathy from good people, who wish our future TVM better.

For now, here is our simple homage to Armando Inroga, for his vision that completely distances him from what unfortunately prevails in our public sector, where work isn’t in the first place, but rather pleasing obscure and very harmful interests to the State.

Finally, the Armando Inroga case proves that in the State one can’t achieve a professional career of rigor, of discipline, in the face of the imperative of many favors, many intrigues and many things that aren’t objective. A lot of subjectivity, a strong dependence on who knows, from where he came, many things extremely complicated and bad to have even a promotion, which is absolutely incompatible with the uprightness of Armando Inoga.

Congratulations, Armando Inroga, for your uprightness!

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