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Unstable ground


Independent Mozambique went through a period in which the unconstitutionalities took us over, with certain material wounded from this vice to fissure the intelligence even of the Legislator and even of the High Magistrate of the Nation.

Translated by Francisco Chuquela

The unconstitutionalities would only be triggered, as a rule, at the level of the so-called Fourth Power, the Media, which tried to expose them publicly.

When this happened, the Presidency of the Republic, home where these laws of unconstitutionality had been promulgated, didn’t hesitate to retreat to have the legality restored, which proved to be obligatory. So there was no reason to haggle because clearly the irrefutable facts spoke loudly.

Since the present governance mandate began, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Mesquita, has been confronted with situations that point him as being hugs with some incompatibilities. This association is above all forced by the fact that Carlos Mesquita had integrated the present Government when before had strong business interests, in the case in Cornelder Moçambique.

We distance ourselves entirely from any approach that voluntarily or unintentionally might call into question the denunciations that are made. However, our distancing doesn’t allow us to exclude the strong possibility that the apparent indifference of the Head of State, in the face of repeated denunciations, may be sustained by the fact that his Legal Office has reassured him enough that the alleged incompatibilities of Minister Carlos Mesquita are simply a desire to see him involved in them, but that in truth there is no such thing.

It is hard to believe that in the face of repeated denunciations, Nyusi will not have called his Legal Office to advise him on the best decision to take. The maintenance of Minister Carlos Mesquita may result from some finding of an apparent involvement that doesn’t exist. We aren’t saying, but to admit as a hypothesis not to exclude. If Nyusi saw, he heard the denunciations and he was silent and indifferent, that is, he didn’t investigate, we would be before a completely absent-minded Head of State, which is unlikely, given the seriousness of the matter.

We aren’t asserting, here and now, that there is no conflict of interest, but by the way things show, we seem to be running at the speed of light toward the conclusion of such a conflict of interests. We don’t have the information to know whether Carlos Mesquita was involved in making decisions that lead to his association with a conflict of interest, or that association results only from the fact that he was previously a senior manager of Cornelder Moçambique.

It is most likely that, knowing that the subject under consideration touches him directly, he may have even been free to step out of the debate, and if this has been the case, at different times there is a potential risk of forcing such a non-existent conflict of interest. Just a hypothesis, not a given data.

As human beings, any of us has his activities as a professional, but at the end of the day we have a patriotic and national obligation, in which if we have to be called to provide a service as public servants, we have an obligation to accept.

What is asked and recommended is that those who accept public office must declare that from that day on they get far away from the company, resorting to numerous financial structures that can be triggered to accommodate the situation.

We don’t doubt that there will always be something to suggest that the announced termination is apparent, because any contacts may continue on different occasions. It is true that our law requires the declaration of property but remains insufficient, since it must clearly, objectively and explicitly state that public servants cut off the link between them and certain entities which may place them in a situation of conflict of interest. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to convince the distancing of certain economic interests.

It is worth pulling by the North American example, in which President Donald Trump, a great businessman in the field of real estate, golf courses, etc. etc. with an organization called Trump. The President of the United States has clearly stated that he has transferred his ties with these companies, where his sons, including a daughter and junior, have been taking care of their father’s business, while Donald Trump is serving as President of the United States of America. Apparently things are going well, but there may be decisions that Donald Trump is taking with post-mandate benefits. Equally just a hypothesis, not an acquired fact.

The actual separation is very tenuous, what we are asked for is a huge effort to prove that we aren’t above the level of any suspicion.


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