Translated by Francisco Chuquela

Unsurprisingly, Renamo didn’t fulfill its promise to deliver, in 10 days, starting on July 11, the list of its residual men to join the Defense and Security Forces, in the framework of the high level dialogue for effective and definitive peace in the country.

Even with some tenuous hope for a promising Renamo, our doubts have always remained vivid, in keeping with the promise made by Renamo’s interim coordinator, Ossufo Momade, to the Chief of the State Filipe Nyusi to deliver the list in ten days.

It is that if it didn’t do it in 1992 and 2014, it wouldn’t be in one settled that it would happen. And in order not to vary, the arguments remain plentiful, varying only in content, according to the context in which false promises are renewed.

Today, the interim leader comes to say that what stuns the delivery of the list is the need to guarantee a “decent future” for the residual men of Renamo. To this demand it would be desirable for Ossufo Momade to add the guarantee that in parallel with the integration, Renamo compensates the mortal victims of the cruel murders of the long and painful 16 years, and others that occurred from 2014 to this part.

The reimbursement of Renamo must be extended to the whole country, by the dynamism, retreat, stagnation. Although the lost human lives can never be recovered, eventually we would have basic conditions of some balance, for a full reconciliation.

For all that Renamo has done, it can’t and shouldn’t look only for its part. Mozambique has no death penalty, worse under conditions in which Renamo has blown thousands of innocent human lives, including babies taken from their mothers’ wombs and others at a young age, to justify the murders it staged.

We have always said and reiterated that Renamo has absolutely no political party and is fully aware that its disarmament can represent its end, as the historical Marcelino dos Santos has predicted.

The survival of Renamo without its murderous machine would imply its transformation into a political party, in fact, to stand on equal footing with other political forces, in democratic institutions where it is represented, like the Assembly of the Republic.

Now this can’t be achieved overnight. It’s a process. Renamo knows all this, so it prefers the way of fun, to pretend that it is engaged in the pacification process of the country.

Ossufo Momade’s statement is pure fallacy, according to which Renamo doesn’t need weapons or that it isn’t a party that likes to be militarized. It is also pure fallacy to justify the breach of the promise by claiming that it is a complex process, for by promising 10 days, Ossufo Momade knew perfectly well what he was talking about.

We are here to see!

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